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Nimbus - The Smart Dashboard

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Nimbus - The Smart Dashboard

Staying connected at all times and constantly receiving updates from the life on the internet may lead to information overload. In order to fight it, you can either disconnect completely or channel the stream of information to make it less distracting and intrusive. There are devices that can help you with it and the newly released Nimbus is one of them.

Generally speaking, Nimbus is a smart dashboard that hooks up to your smartphone, intercepts notifications and displays them in an easy, accessible way. Inspired by the traditional car or motorcycle dashboard, Nimbus allows you to see updates without pulling your phone out of your pocket. A glance is enough to check for notifications from your favourite social networks, e-mail accounts, calendar appointmens and stocks. Additionally, the device can tell you what time is it, what is the temperature outside, how heavy is the traffic and more.

Nimbus is available in three colours: black, red and white. You can get it now on Quirky for as much as $129.