Minimalistic House in Ahlen, Germany

If you like minimalistic architecture, you will certainly be awed by this house built in Ahlen, Germany. It is a private two-storey residence that represents classic and universal approach to design – the combination of black and white. It appears clean, balanced and structured, by many is associated with elegance and nature. Leicht studio, the team of designers and architects responsible for the house in Ahlen, took white as a basis and supplemented it with black highlights.

The same colour scheme was used to complement the interior. It is well-lit and uncluttered, with shiny and minimalist furniture, wooden accents, colorful paintings on the walls and spacious rooms on both floors. Furthermore, the design features large glass panes and windows that make it possible to admire the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening. The impression of beauty and elegance is amplified by simplicity of angular shape of the building. It goes without saying that the residence in Ahlen is one of the most stylish and distinctive examples of minimalist architecture.

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