Martin Jetpack

Many people have at some stage thought about flying and even dreamt about flying, unfortunately humans can’t do such a thing. Flying would just make getting to places much easier and quicker.

Jetpacks are nothing new, the idea has been around for decades, but there are two issues that hold them back – cost and safety. Jetpacks are ridiculously expensive things, usually way out of the price range of most people. They’re also very dangerous so safety can add on to the final price.

The Martin Jetpack may be one of the best jetpacks money can buy. It costs $100,000 which is still very expensive but if you’re a millionaire this is actually affordable. The jetpack can travel at speeds of 50 MPH and up to 800 feet up in to the sky.

The only thing needed is the courage to strap a 200 horsepower engine to your back and fly at hundreds of feet above the ground.

Martin Jetpack

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