Lightsome Loft MM In Belgium

The loft MM in Bilzen, Belgium, is a perfect example of how good design can serve people. Experts from C. T. Architects managed to turn an old storage room into a modern apartment suitable for a physically challenged person. The interior, in addition to many aesthetic adventages, is extremely accessible. The architects have introduced a number of design solutions to allow the owner to move freely and comfortably around the apartment. The main entrance was changed into a ramp to the loft’s door and the central corridor is at the width of a wheelchair. There are also sliding doors, efficient kitchen facilities and multi-functional furniture.

As far as visuals go, the apartment is lightsome, spacious and airy. The designers went for the light set of colours and decided to paint walls and furniture white. Other pieces of equipement as well as the floor and paneling in some corridors are made of plain wood. It creates the impression of slight contrast and adds to the general welcoming nature of the interior, which is amplified by unparalleled use of lightning.

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