Two Hulls – Monumental Twofold House In Canada

In the glaciated, coastal landscape of Canada, two pavilions cower over the turquoise stormy waters. They float above the shoreline like ship’s hulls, adding a surprising touch of modernity in the generally uninviting and raw enviroment. This interesting full-time house for a family of four was designed by the architects from the Canadian studio Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple.

The building consists of two pavilions, for day and night use. They hold everyday living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, leuisure lounges and a library. There is also a third, smaller form that is a linking entry piece for the other two. The base of their structure is a steel frame, with a wood skin. In order to protect the residents from adverse enviromental factors, the construction is durable and designed to withstand even the strongest of the coastal winds. The solid shelter is provided by the concerete fin foundations that contain a geothermally heated hydronic system and support the pavilions.

Generous white volumes on the interior exhibit the monumentality of the exterior. The inside is incredibly spacious and thanks to glassed-in elevation, well-lit and airy. We can only imagine the breathtaking view offered by one of house’s seaward windows.

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