Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Comes To iOS


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Comes To iOS

Following the success of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has arrived on iOS and will soon come to Android and Windows Phone.

The game is a port of the original PC and PlayStation title, but features remastered graphics, improved models, an expanded colour palette and higher resolution textures. Additionally, it is equipped with three control schemes to choose from and support for iOS 7 MFI game controllers.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas probably doesn't need to be introduced. Developed by Rockstar North and released in 2004, the game has quickly scored an enormous popularity among gamers worldwide. It was praised for thrill-packed storyline and freedom of action. Long story short, the gameplay involves gun fights, explosions, dangerous pursuits and classic car heists. It all is complemented by beautiful visuals and interactive enviroment. It is exciting to see one of the industry's greatest games come to mobile devices. Many players will be pleased by the opportunity the re-live their San Andreas adventure.

The game is available now on iOS for as little as little as £4.99. As for other platforms, it is expected to arrive to the Google Play Store and Microsoft Windows Phone Store next week.