Gramophone Speaker For iPhone And iPad

A speaker doesn’t have to be packed with state-of-art electronics to fill your room with loud and rich sound. Gramophone, an unusual docking station with a metallic amplifier for iPhone and iPad, is a great example of how simplicity can easily replace technology. It works naturally, using the most basic principles of physics. Thanks to perforated inside of the solid, handcrafted station, the sound travels smoothly to the built-in iron tube that strengthens the volume by approximately three or four times. The tube’s directional – you can point it where you want the sound. If you put it in a corner, it can easily fill a room. Generally, the speaker looks stunning and – being a witty juxtaposition of vintage and modern – would be a perfect fit for any interior.

Matt Richmond, the designer, was inspired by the early music devices from 1920s. He didn’t create the Gramophone to compete with high-end audio setups, but to elicit an old-fashion feeling comparable to listening to a record on an old phonograph.

Depending on the type of wood the base is made of, the Gramophone for iPhone and iPad may cost from $200 to $300. There are two sizes and two materials to choose from.

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