Gibbon - Fantastic Guides To Topics Like Design, Typography and UX


Gibbon - Fantastic Guides To Topics Like Design, Typography and UX

Gibbon is an awesome new start up that opened up to the public today, offering willing folks to learn an array of different subjects in an organised and orderly manner.

Nearly anything you need to find out is possible through Google or whatever else is your favourite search engine. The trouble is having a real guide to learning a subject - learning random little chunks is no help and can end up leaving you confused. Gibbon is here to solve that problem by providing useful guides for subjects.

When you first sign up you can choose how many minutes a day you want to spend reading articles on Gibbon and whether it be once a day or once a week. You then choose the subjects you're interested in.

There is already a fair few guides available on the site and people can also add their own guides in basically whatever they like. The great thing about Gibbon is that you don't actually have to type out every article for a guide, you can link to articles on the web, pictures, videos and books - a number of different ways to consume information.

Each guide will show how many 'students' (users) are reading the guide and how many chapters it has.

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To help keep the content valid and useful, Gibbon has a sort of rating system where if you learned something from a chapter you can click the 'Mark As Learned' button. At the bottom of every article is also an option to report when something is wrong with a chapter.

The current guides available do tend to lean to the technology and design industry, with the most popular guides being about UX, typography, design, photography and SEO. But as more content creators start sharing guides we should see a wealth of guides appear for all sorts of categories.

If you're up for learning something new, Gibbon may just be one of the best places on the internet right now.