Best Games For Android


Best Games For Android

If you own an Android phone or tablet, there is a good chance that you use it to play games. Google's Play Store has a lot to offer in this field, with thousands of titles coming from both big-name companies and indie developers. Games are divided in multiple categories that include racing, action, puzzle and many others. Among those thousands, there are a few particularly interesting titles that have gained popularity due to their captivating storyline, addictive gameplay, charm or impressive graphics.
With Christmas around the corner, we thought you may want to treat yourselves with a gift of a great mobile game and rounded up a compilation of twelve of the best games available on Android.

Note: Apps are in no particular order

Graphic Intense Games

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

If you are into racing games, you cannot miss on Need For Speed: Most Wanted. It is one of the best in its category and brings hours of action in a beautiful package. You get race in various events in one of 40 exclusive cars from the most known brands from all around the world. New vehicles, parts, events and tracks can be unlocked by beating drivers from the mysterious Blacklist. Pursuits deliver a solid thrill, especially when you have a police car on your back and a roadblock ahead.

The game looks absolutely stunning. When you're driving fast, the surrounding blurs and if you hit something at high speed, you car takes damage. There are also realistic reflections on the vehicle's body and road surface. Need For Speed: Most Wanted is the perfect game to test power of your new phone or tablet.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Despuite being the eight installment in the series and having its predecessor raise the bar very high, Asphalt 8: Airborne did not disappoint players. It is an arcade racing game that offers unrealistic, but extremely fun gameplay. There are 47 high-performance lincenced cars to choose from and race in 180 events in 9 different locations. As the name suggest, the main feature of the game is an ability to perform various mid-air maneuvers with your car. You can jump off the ramps, fly high in the air, make spins and pull amazing stunts.

All that is topped with a gorgeous graphic and an advanced multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge drivers from any country in the world.

Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat 4 is one of the biggest - it requires almost 1,4GB of free storage space - and greatest shooters available for mobile devices. It features next-gen graphics, exciting gameplay and interesting stoyline that will suck you in for long hours. It offers 13 action-packed missions in various locations and a large number of weapons to eliminate the enemies with. The gameplay is diversified with different kinds of missions. Escort, assault and vehicle pursuits are just to name a few.

Thanks to multiplayer mode, you team team up with or against gamers from all around the world and test your soldier skills.

Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 is the successor to one of the most popular RTS games on mobile platforms. It has everything the first game had, but enchanced with new features and improved graphics. It combines the classic RTS genre with Tower Defense. As a result, we get an exciting and unique gameplay and a well-written storyline that makes you wonder what is going to happen next. Anomaly 2 tells the story of conflict between humans and machines, where you get to use your brain and strategic skills to fight the enemies. And when you're finally done with the single player mode, you can try the mutiplayer mode and choose to fight with or against men.

Thanks to its own graphic engine, Anomaly 2 is one of the most beautiful games available on Android. It uses shaders, real-time reflections and different particle effects to render truly amazing visuals.

Ravensword: Shadowlands

If you are a fan of the RPG genre and The Elder Scrolls series, you definitely should check out Ravensword: Shadowlands. It is one of the most amazing games there are on any platform. It features an enormous three-dimensional world to explore, gorgeous and realistic scenery, hundreds of items and weapons, various enemy types, ragdoll physics and original soundtrack. Players can roam the world freely, complete quests, fight monsters (even dragons and dinosaurs), ride various mounts and enjoy a suprisingly developed storyline.

Ravensword: Shadowlands looks so good, that sometimes it is easy to take it for a previous-generation computer game. Thanks to support for MOGA, PS3, and Xbox controllers, the game can turn your phone or tablet into a real gaming console.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis is a seemingly simple game that allows you to play tennis. In reality, it is a great title in which you can create your own player, start a career and climp up the ladder of success by beating more and more skilled players. With five different modes to choose from, you can play a tournament, go for a quick match with a randomly selected opponent, improve your character's abilities in the advanced training mode or challenge a friend face to face over Bluetooth. Customizable control scheme makes it easy to slice, lob and hit the ball.

The game has realistic graphics and sound which will make you immerse in the match. It is insanely addictive, too.

Arcade Games

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

The first part of Rovio's new Star Wars-themed Angry Birds series has topped the list of the most popular games on almost any platform and the sequel is ready to carry on its success. It features over 30 playable characters that we all know and love - Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, Yoda and many others are here to help you fight the pigs or the rebels. You can choose the side of the force and play the game in two different ways. Each side has its own storyline, characters, unclockables and achievements.

The game features 44 challenging levels, unique humour and original soundtrack inspired by the franchise. It is one of the best pick-up-and-play titles, ideal to kill time with while waiting for a bus or enjoy a free evening on the couch.

Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is the cutest and the most addictive games available on Android. It offers 375 levels and innovative gameplay that features an adorable character named Om Nom. It is hungry for candy and player's mission is to give it to Om Nom by solving challenging physics puzzles. The game tests your reflex, dexterity and timing and sometimes feeding the monster is not an easy task.

Cut The Rope was ported to almost all mobile platforms and awarded with a number of prestigious awards. If you haven't played it yet, check it out now. We guerantee it will suck you in for a long while.

Fruit Ninja

The aim of this game is to slash fruits with your finger is it was a ninja sword. Fruit Ninja delivers delicious destruction in a juicy package. Simplicity of its gameplay makes it insanely addictive and various unlockable items and achievements keep you coming back for more. The game is equipped with three different modes featuring powerups and quick-time events that test your speed and agility.

Subway Surfers

Dash as fast as you can, dodge trains and run away from the grumpy inspector and his dog. Subway Surfers is an addictive game with simple controls. You use swipes to make the character move left or right, jump and roll. The further you run, the harder it is to dodge speeding trains, but various power-ups and unlockable items can help you greatly. Your highscore can be uploaded online and shared on Facebook so you could see how well you did against your friends.

Subway Surfers features colorful and vivid graphics that make it appealing for players at any age. Furthermore, it is updated often with festive themes that make the gameplay unique. For example, just in time for Christmas the chasing inspector is wearing Santa's red outfit and the subway you run in is covered in snow.

Rayman Fiesta Run

Ryman Fiesta Run is the second mobile game to feature the legendary platform hero. It offers 75 fast-paced levels and three epic bosses to beat. While jumping, flying, sliding and punching enemies, you collect Lums which can be swapped for awesome rewards and power-ups.

Simple and addictive gameplay combined with gorgeous visuals make Rayman Fiesta Run one of the most popular games in the Google Play Store.

Muffin Knight

You would probably never think of combining delicious muffin with fantasy RPG game, would you? The developers behind Muffin Knight did and created a truly amazing and addictive game. Its aim is to fight enemies and collect muffins with which you unlock new characters, levels and perks. Every monster defeated and muffin collected give you experience points which can be spent on improving skills and abilities There are 18 characters to play with and candy-barfing zombie is only one of them.

Muffin Knight features beautiful 2,5D graphics and offers cross-platform multiplayer that allows you to play head-to-head matches with friends who own Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads.

If you recommend any other Android games, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.