Flow - The Best Instagram App for iPad


Flow - The Best Instagram App for iPad

Instagram has yet to release an iPad version of its very popular picture sharing service, but that isn't stopping other developers from doing it for them.

Flow is a new addition to the App Store that may just be the best Instagram app for the iPad.

Instagram is of course all about those square pictures and Flow puts all that content first. When you log in, you only see a very thin sidebar on the left, with the rest being taken up with the images.

The app is very fast if you have a fast enough connection. Flow seems to load content in the background so images are ready to be viewed large nearly instantly.

Animations and user experience are absolutely spot on. It brings recognisable features such as double tap to like a picture. You can swipe to go through images quickly and of course you can comment on them.

You can still do nearly everything the official Instagram app does, except from upload. This isn't the fault of the app developers, Instagram simply does not give out the API needed to have the upload functionality.

Flow also brings some unique features which you won't find in the official Instagram app.

There is a new explore feature that can be used to find the most popular Instagram users, brands and tags. You can also choose a country to see which pics are the most popular in that region.

If you have some favourite Instagram users, you can bookmark them so you have quick access to their feed.

Flow is definitely the best Instagram for the iPad. Nothing else even comes close.

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