BMW i8 Key May Change Car Keys Forever

The BMW i8 is one of the most talked about sports cars due to its very fast 0-60 time and the amazing 94 MPG figure. But not only is the car futuristic looking, so is its key.

The new key that comes with the BMW i8 may just be a game changer. LCDs are basically everywhere but they’re yet to be implemented into a car key. But it’s understandable why – it kills battery. However the tech is now available due to things like Bluetooth Low Energy.

The high resolution LCD can show how much charge is left in the car, what the current capable range is, when it was fully charged and if it is locked or not.

Thankfully the whole thing isn’t made up of a display, it still has some tactile buttons. The most useful buttons of course being the lock/unlock and boot.

It will be amazing to see how car manufacturers adopt this sort of tech into their own keys in the future.

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