The Most Beautiful Android Apps: Winter 2013 by Google

Google’s Beautiful Design collection on Google Play was first published in Summer and highlighted the most beautiful titles that follow platform norms, ensure great user experience and excel at visual polish. Now, just in time for the holiday season, Google has updated it with great new apps.

Those few handpicked titles have masterfully crafted interfaces and stand out in terms of attention to details such as unique presentation of photos, intuitive layout, crisp typography and well-designed, smooth transitions. Thanks to talent and willingness of the developers, those apps go above and beyond Android design guidelines and take aesthetics to the whole new level.

The new, updated Beautiful Winter 2013 collection includes apps of different categories and visual style. Most of them are quite popular so there’s a good chance that you already know them, but if you don’t, the collection may be your introduction to something new and exciting. Check it out below, along with short descriptions written by the Android Design Team.

  • Timely – Smooth and playful screen transitions prove that setting alarms could be incredibly fun.
  • Circa – The design boasts elegant typography and an innovative reading experience.
  • Etsy – Explore wonderful hand-crafted goods with Etsy’s beautiful layouts and subtle blur effects.
  • airbnb – Beautifully expresses android’s visual language with big images and stylish UI elements.
  • The Whole Pantry – Careful attention has been paid to every delicious photo in The Whole Pantry, a recipe app with a premium feel.
  • Runtastic Heart Rate – This innovative app beautifully visualizes your heart rate, measured with just your device camera.
  • Tumblr – Tumblr makes a great first impression, letting you explore and follow blogs even before signing up.
  • Umano – Listening to the news never looked so good! Intuitive and delightful on both phones and tablets.
  • Yahoo! Weather – Yahoo! Weather always delights with photos and sunrise animations that look great, rain or shine.
  • Grand St. – This boutique electronics catalog features gorgeous magazine-like typography and photos.
  • Pinterest – Revel in this friendly and familiar design, complete with beautiful layouts and intuitive gestures.
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