Sony Disabling Some PSN Features For PS4 Release Tomorrow

Sony are taking precautionary measures in time for the release of the PS4 tomorrow which will be coming to the EU, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

With the console being released in a huge number of different markets all at once, the PlayStatio Network (PSN) will inevitably take a battering. So Sony are disabling two features of PSN, those being the ‘What’s New’ section and the ‘Content Information Screen’.

What’s New simply allows you to discover and engage on your friends’ activity. And the Content Information Screen displays info on friends’ activity for a specific title you’re looking at.

Thankfully the two features are minor things that won’t affect overall use of the console. You’ll still be able to play online, get trophies, add friends, share videos and live broadcast.

Hopefully the servers will be able to cope with the massive amounts of demand and it all goes smoothly.


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