Shadow - A Community For Dreamers


Shadow - A Community For Dreamers

Thanks to a highly successful kickstarter campaign and amazing user interface design from Raffael Stueken, Hunter Lee Soik was able to meet the funding he needed for his app, Shadow. Shadow's main role is to act as a smart alarm clock that interacts with their proprietary wrist band. The band will be worn at night and will learn your sleeping pattern. Depending on your pattern, the app will wake you up depending on whether you would rather wake up ready for the day, or whether you might want to record your dreams. Users are encouraged to open the app after waking and record their dreams if they choose to do so. An online database will categorize and sort every contributor's dream depending on keywords used in the description or story for each dream. Development should have already started on whichever platform got the most support on Kickstarter (Android, iOS, or Windows Phone).

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts about this project, is that the development team is collaborating with dream researchers such as Ryan Hurd, Stephen Fabregas, and Kelly Bulkeley.

For more information, you can visit their websiteKickstarter page, or Behance project.

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