Playstation 4 – Hard Drive vs SSD vs Hybrid Drive – How Fast Are They?

One major feature with the PS4 is the ability to change the hard drive yourself – you can upgrade it whenever you like. The Xbox One doesn’t offer this feature which really should be standard. As most games require installs and many games can be downloaded from the respective online stores, that 500GB in each console will be filled fairly quickly.

The great thing about the PS4 is that it can support standard hard drives, hybrid drives and SSDs. The PS4 comes with a standard hard drive at 500GB, it’s the same kind of hard drive you’d find in a laptop or a portable external hard drive. However there are faster hard drive available and you have a choice of either a hybrid drive or an SSD.

A hybrid drive as the name suggests, is a mix of fast flash storage and a standard hard drive. It gives users a mix of speed and capacity.

A solid state drive (SSD) is a hard drive that is completely flash storage, much faster than both a standard hard drive and a hybrid drive. The only problem with SSDs is that they’re expensive for large capacities.

Tested carried out a test between the standard hard drive, a hybrid drive and an SSD. As expected the SSD is the fastest, shortening boot times and load times from games installed on the hard drive. However a 512GB SSD retails for around £350, which is the same price as the PS4 itself, so it’s definitely not worth the cash for most. But a hybrid a 1TB hybrid drive costs around £70-£80, it doubles the capacity but at the same time gives a very nice speed boost. A standard hard drive at the same capacity would only cost around £20 less.

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