Microsoft Show Off How Quickly The Xbox One Can Boot Up From Voice


Hilarious Highlights of Xbox One Event | Video

Microsoft has been showing off a lot of the Xbox One in time for the release which is only a week away. They notably released a long demo of the Xbox One dashboard, showing what it's capable of.

To show off even more, Microsoft's Larry Hyrb, also known as Major Nelson, has uploaded a video on Instagram showing the Xbox One boot up and sign in from voice in only 13 seconds. It's not clear if the Xbox One was booted from cold or was on standby. But it does show the capability and advantage of having the Kinect always connected - it will recognise who has booted the system and sign them in quicker than they could with a controller.

Major Nelson also showed off another neat feature of the Kinect. Redeemable products such as Xbox Live and game codes that have been bought from stores will come with QR codes on the back. You can simply hold the QR code in front of the Xbox One at any time and it'll automatically read it, very quickly at that too.