Microsoft Publishes Video Demoing Xbox One User Experience | Video

Ahead of the worldwide release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has published a video on their YouTube channel showing off some of the key features available on the Xbox One.

The 12 minute long video gives a very good look at what buyers should expect. The first thing they show off is the ability to sign in without actually having to do anything, the Kinect will recognise you and your voice and automatically sign you in. If there are two or more users in the room, it’ll recognise each of them and sign them all in, showing a nice greeting message while doing so.

Users can customise their homescreen to be the way the want it, just like on a desktop computer. So if user mainly uses the Xbox One for gaming, they can have all the gaming features and functionality at the fore front. But if someone uses it more for entertainment, they can have more media based options at the fore front.

Users can even switch between their homescreens by simply saying “Xbox, show my stuff”. It’ll then transition that users dashboard, showing their customised homescreen.

The Xbox One can put games into a pause state. So as the video shows, you could be in the middle of single player race in Forza, pause it, and come back later, even if other users have used the Xbox One between your sessions. Games load nearly instantly instead of having to wait for load screens and such.

There are a whole load more features so it’s worth watching the video through.

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