Microsoft Office Web Apps Get Real-Time Collaboration Features

Seems like nowadays an office suite should work both offline and online. Web apps are as importrant as native, local ones. The trend has started with Google’s Drive and Documents that enable creating, editing and sharing documents straight from the browser. A couple of weeks ago Apple has joined the game with their new, redesigned iWork package for web. The last to contribute is Microsoft. The software giant has just enchanced his Office Web Apps with co-editing features.

Starting from now, you can share a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document with a friend or colleage and work on it together. Apps show location of co-editor’s position on the document and a small bubble with specific information, so you can easily follow the changes. Furthermore, if you happen to be offline, you can finish your work on your desktop or tablet and it will automatically sync up when you reconnect to the internet.

Additionally, all Microsoft Office Web Apps have received a number of small updates with new funtionality and bugfixes. The new real-time editing features are available now to Office 365 and SkyDrive users.

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