HTC Gramohorn II Speaker

HTC has revealed a new accessory for their smartphones and it is ready to take the competition by the horns, literally. The Gramohorn II speaker is the fruit of collaboration between the Taiwanese company and UK designer Justin Wolter. The speaker look like nothing you’ve seen before. It features two large, horn-alike tubes and an interchangeable cradle for a smartphone. The speaker lacks internals, it has no drivers or amplifiers. The two tubes abut the smartphone’s front speakers, loudening them by 50 percent and delivering sound of better quality and spread. What makes the Gramohorn II even more interesting, is that it’s 3D-printed and you can get it any any colour you like. The accessory is compatible with HTC One, One Mini and One Max smartphones.

HTC Gramohorn II is priced at £999, however you can also nab a milled stainless steel limited edition for £4999.

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