Google Search App for iOS Receives A Major Update With New Features

In order to keep their services equally functional on both Android and iOS, Google has updated the Search app for the latter with new features, improvements and optimizations. Users will be happy to notice the app is now able to send push notofications for calendar appointments, flight delays, public transport timetables and others. They can set reminders with either keyboard or their voice. Among other topics, those may concern new episodes of favorite TV series or celebrities making headlines and can be triggered at a specific time or location. Google has introduced a new set of cards, too. That includes visualized information about tickets to the theatre, concerts or events, boarding passes for the flights, booking confirmations, various warnings and alarms.

Furthermore, Google has redesigned the app homepage, simplifying it and making it more intuitive than ever before. With new gestures, users can zoom or throw away images from the search gallery. As for other changes, voiceover accessibility has also been vastly improved and there’s a button that enables quick login to all Google services.

You can download Google Search app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for free.

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