Google Play Music Launches on iOS

Until now available only on Android and in the browser, Google Play Music service has finally landed on iOS. The official application is now available in the Apple AppStore to everyone and can play music stored either online or locally. When you download it and register an account, you can upload 20 000 songs to the cloud for free and listen to them from any mobile device or computer. Additionally, the app allows you to create playlists and a built-in radio feature creates mixes of the songs in your collection. It has a streamlined, elegant iOS 7-tyle interface so it will fit all your other apps perfectly.

Unfortunately, due to conflict of interests between Google and Apple, you can neither buy music, nor subscribe to Google’s All Access service directly from the smartphone. You can, however, stream more than 20 million songs from most of the major labels and many of the minor ones. Google’s service paid (¬£9.99 per month), although if you sign up now, you can use it for the first 30 days for free.

Google Play Music for the iPhone is available for download. Since Google is still working on a tablet-optimized version of the app, iPad users will have to wait a little more. They are promised to get a number of new features in exchange, though.

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