Google Helpouts - Video Service for Learning and Sharing Expertise


Google Helpouts - Video Service for Learning and Sharing Expertise

Google has the biggest online knowledge database in the world and it's now ready to share it with you in a new, exciting way. The search giant has launched Helpouts, a Hangouts-like, video chat-based service for online learning, tutoring and giving instructions.

Helpouts is basically a virtual platform between users and providers - individuals, groups or businesses that offer assistance and expertise in exchange for a fee. Whether you want to learn how to cook or don't know how to replace a flat tire, Helpouts is here to help you. Videos can be recorded and reviewed at a later date, however that also rises concerns about privacy. As the terms of use document clearly states, Google is able to record conversations "for any reason at any time".

Helpouts is about freedom. Almost anyone will be able to join as a user or as a Provider, however Google promises to verify their credentials very carefully. But even so, one will have to be cautious and decide whether a Provider is trustworthy or not.

As far as payment methods are concerned, Google Helpouts uses the Wallet service for secure and quick transations. Helpouts is open to everyone now.