Facebook Redesigns The Like & Share Buttons

If you’re reading this post then you definitely know what the Facebook like button is – we have one right there, floating on the left hand side of this post.

Facebook introduced the very much used like button back in 2010 and haven’t changed it much since then. It’s viewed over 22 billion times a day across 7.2 million different websites. I don’t think they even knew how big it would become.

The like button is very easily recognised so making even the smallest change will be noticed. However Facebook are making a big change to it, changing the style and colour of it completely.

They’ve been testing the new button across selected sites and have already seen more use in it. I’m sure they went through a hundred different shades of blue and many different fonts to see what would work best, because of course Facebook’s aim is to make more people use the like button.

Even though like and share buttons are not the most beautiful things when it comes to web design, there is no way people can deny that they work. They actually work wonders and can drive tons of traffic.

For your like and share buttons to be upgraded to the new design there isn’t anything you need to do, Facebook will automatically be rolling out the new design across all buttons.


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