Download PS4 Day One Update Now To Avoid Launch Day Problems


Sony Disabling Some PSN Features For PS4 Release Tomorrow

Sony have just done a very good move by giving people who have pre-ordered the PS4 the ability to download the day one update now.

The day one update is required for many of the major features to work on the PS4. These features include access to online multiplayer, Blu-ray disc capability, party chat and much more.

You can download the update now directly from Sony's website so it's ready for when the PS4 comes through the door. No having to let it sit there for a while to update, especially if you don't have a fast internet connection. It can also help you avoid launch day problems where servers may take a huge hit from all the PS4 systems trying to get online all at once.

The update is 859MB in size. Once downloaded you can simply stick it on a USB stick. Then when you get your PS4, stick the USB stick into it and update.

PS4 Day One Update Download & Instructions