Coin - Putting All Your Cards Into One


Coin - Putting All Your Cards Into One

Coin is another American startup that wants to change the way we use our money, specifically our credit and debit cards.

Coin is the same size as any other credit card, but Coin can store multiple credit cards in just one card. So if you multiple credit cards, a business card and loyalty cards, instead of carrying them all around Coin puts them all into one.

Coin comes with a card reader that goes into the 3.5mm headphone jack of your iPhone. You can swipe your cards on the card reader and then that card data will be on your phone and on Coin. Coin always stays connected to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy.

When all of your cards are synced, you can switch between them by simply hitting a button on Coin that will cycle through your cards.

The battery in Coin lasts for two years, so will need to be switched for a new Coin once the battery is dead.

Coin seems like the perfect solution for those who carry multiple cards all the time. However it's something that will only work in the US. In the UK and EU everyone uses the chip and pin standard that is widely adopted everywhere. Coin doesn't have this functionality so it may never work in those markets, unless of course they were able to replicate the chip and pin process.