Tublme – A Powerful Tumblr App for Mac

There are many Mac apps for the micro-blogging service Tumblr, but none of them seem to be up to scratch in terms of functionality and design. You’re usually just better off using the standard Tumblr website to post new content.

Tublme is a new app that easily blows away any other Tumblr app for Mac. I am a very big Tumblr user (as you can see from all the Tumblr blogs in the left-side column in the screenshot above), I post lots of content everyday and also produce a number of premium Tumblr themes. I also have multiple accounts and thankfully Tublme supports multiple accounts – unlike the Tumblr website where you will have to logout to login to another account.

When you first start the app you’re presented with your feed, consisting of the blogs you follow. You can also see your likes, who you’re following and organise your favourite blogs into lists – kind of like how lists work on Twitter.

At the top you have access to home, your blogs and search. When you go on to the blogs section you can see your latest posts for your blog. All your blogs are listed down the left hand side for quick access.

At the very top you can switch between multiple accounts seamlessly – it’s a fantastic feature which I wish Tumblr would implement into their own site.

The plus button in the top right is of course where you can add new posts. When clicking on it, you’re given a new window where you can choose post type, what blog you want to post to and of course captions, tags…etc.

The best thing about Tublme is how well designed it is. It’s fantastic looking compared to other Tumblr apps and is very powerful in terms of functionality. It’ll help you post quicker whether you have one blog or multiple blogs.


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