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Sony MDR-10BT - Wireless Headphones

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Sony MDR-10BT - Wireless Headphones

Sony has just unveiled the MDR-10BT headphones that feature a set of wireless options and power hidden in a modern, well-designed case. In order to produce them, Japanese engineers have teamed up with an irish rock band The Script. The result of their cooperation, the MDR-10BT, is a set of elegant and compact over-the-ear headphones that offer great sound quality across all music genres.

Headphones are equipped with 40nm drivers, neodymium magnets and precisely sculpted air vents that guarantee incredible sound reproduction, isolation and quality playback. They also feature NFC and Bluetooth communication for easy pairing with smartphones, tablets as well as a traditional 1.2m-long cord for portable music players and computers. According to the manufacturer, MDR-10BT can go 17 hours on a single charge.

Sony MDR-10BT will be available by the end of the month for $250. Sony has also prepared a basic version MDR-10R and MDR-10NC with noise-canceling for $200 and $270 respectively.