Rockstar Is Giving $500,000 In Game Cash To GTA Online Players

As the awesome company that they are, Rockstar is giving $500,000 in game cash to GTA Online players to make up for the problems they had at launch.

Rockstar weren’t prepared for how big GTA V would be so they never anticipated for the amount of players that would try to get online when the online functionality became available. They were trying their hardest to buy as many servers as they could, but there is only so much they can do.

Problems with GTA Online included unable to get online at all, very long loading screens, unable to get past tutorials, characters being deleted and many more. Many of those issues have now been resolved and the online experience has got much better since launch.

To make up for all those problems, Rockstar is giving away $500,000 in game cash to all GTA Online players that have come on in the month of October. However the cash will be split into two amounts, the first amount will be $250,000 and will be deposited into players accounts by the end of next week. The other $250,00 will come at a later date.

GTA Online players won’t have to do anything, they should just see the cash appear in the accounts.


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