PS4 vs Xbox One | Infographic


Now that we're into the next generation of console gaming, there is an ever-growing battle on which console is better. This time round both Sony and Microsoft are releasing their next gen consoles in the same month, they have very similar specs but do have quite a large price difference - but that may not put off loyal fans.

The PS4 is going to be £80 cheaper than the Xbox One when released in the UK which is quite a chunk. But then the Xbox One does come with more functionality, especially with that Kinect sensor.

Both consoles have very similar specs, even though the PS4 edges forward in terms of power, it shouldn't be too noticeable between the two.

The Xbox 360 has won the console war this generation but with the way things are going for the next gen, it looks like PS4 is going to be ahead. Though we will have to see what happens in a year or two when the next gen consoles come into full swing.

PS4 vs Xbox One | Infographic