Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia have just announced an all new Lumia device at their Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. The new Nokia Lumia 1520 is phablet with a huge 6-inch 1080p display. It is made from a single piece of polycarbonate that is very familiar if you’ve ever used a Lumia device before.

The device also features a large 3400mAh battery, a quad-core 2.2Ghz processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of built-in storage and a MicroSD card slot to expand that storage even further. They haven’t stopped there though, they have also packed in a 20-megapixel camera that features PureView technology. Nokia have done an amazing job with their cameras in previous Lumia devices, so the Lumia 1520 should definitely deliver when it comes to taking pictures.

The device should be available in the UK by the end of this year.

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