Nest Protect - A Smarter And More Beautiful Fire Alarm


Nest Protect - A Smarter And More Beautiful Fire Alarm

Nest have come out with another very innovative product - the Nest Protect.

The Nest Protect is home safety product that can sense smoke, heat, light, motion and of course the invisible, odorless and deadly carbon monoxide.

The aim of Nest Protect is of course to make it easier for you to have a safer living environment. It's a much 'smarter' fire alarm compared to your usual one.

The Nest Protect can connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet and tell you information about itself - information such as how much battery is left, where an alarm has gone off and will even predict a danger before bellowing out a danger siren.

Instead of having to reach up high to turn it off when it's screaming, you can simply wave at it and it'll recognise the gesture - turning itself off. It can detect a wave up to eight feet away.

When you're away from home Nest Protect can tell you when an alarm has gone off. And will even tell you what it has detected.

All the devices are wirelessly connected to each other, so if there is a danger in different room in the house, Nest Protect will tell you using a voice which room the danger is in.

Nest Protect will only be available in the US for now and is retailing for $129.