Mobee Magic Charger for Magic Mouse - Wireless Charger | Review


Mobee Magic Charger for Magic Mouse - Wireless Charger | Review

You'd think with Apple being such a pioneer when it comes to technology that none of their products would need the old AA or AAA batteries - unfortunately their Mac accessories such as the wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse need these batteries.

Apple do provide their own set of AA rechargeable batteries but it can be a hassle having to replace your batteries once a week, and make sure they're charged up for when you need them.

The Mobee Magic Charger is easily the perfect product for intense Mac users who don't want to keep changing the batteries in their Magic Mouse. This charger wirelessly charges a battery pack that replaces the AA batteries. The battery pack fits perfectly into the slot and replaces the aluminium cover that is usually there.

To keep the battery topped up, you simply leave it on top of the charging pad and it'll charge it wirelessly. The charging pad simply connects to the Mac via USB so no having to use a plug slot to charge some batteries.

The charger does require your Mac to be on or in sleep to work - it will not work if the Mac is completely off. But most Mac users simply put their computer to sleep when not in use, so when the Mac is in sleep, the Magic Mouse can just sit on top of the charging pad and charge in the night while you're asleep.

Mobee Magic Charger