Logitech Might Be Making A Gamepad For The iPhone


Logitech Might Be Making A Gamepad For The iPhone

@evleaks is at it again and has leaked something very interesting. The Twitter account has become a much respected source for technology leaks and rumours.

It looks to be an official Logitech controller for the iPhone 5. Apple have introduced gamepad support in iOS 7 so it was inevitably for accessory makers to come up with some gamepads for the device.

You can of course see the d-pad and four button inputs. But there also seems to be a shoulder buttons on both the left and right.

It will of course connect via Bluetooth but it may actually be powered through the lightning connection as there seems to be no place to input batteries. But because views of the device are limited, it's difficult to work out whether there is an additional port for charging the device.

The iPhone has become a very major player in the gaming industry. It may not be able to compete against the likes of a PS3 or Xbox 360, but because it's a device you carry around with you everyday, it's ideal for casual gaming.

UPDATE: evleaks has released another picture of the device. It's still difficult to tell how the device is powered exactly. It may just be powered by the iPhone's lightning connector.

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