What If The iWatch Looked Like This Stunning Concept


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The rumours of Apple's iWatch are never ending. Smart watches are yet to go mainstream yet, they're still very mainly for tech enthusiasts. Samsung and a number of other companies have come up with smart watches but none of them are that useful yet.

Many are hoping for Apple to bring out their own watch which may be much better than what is on the market right now. The rumour that Apple is producing one has been going round for over a year now, and many were certain to see it become available this year.

However Thomas Bogner took matters into his own hands and came up with his very own iWatch concept. He loved the design of the Nike Fuelband but thought that it could implement a lot more in functionality. He loved the idea of wrapping an interface around his wrist - that's when his concept was born.

It may not be the most practical product design, Thomas does state he's not a product designer in any way, but it is sure as hell sexy looking.

What If The iWatch Looked Like This Stunning Concept