Instagram Is Going To Be Adding Advertisements In The Coming Months

As expected, Instagram has just confirmed that it’ll be adding advertisements to its very popular image and video sharing service.

Instagram has grown to a phenomenal level in such a short period of time and all that was possible because of some faithful investors who ploughed millions into it to keep it running – all for you guys.

Now Instagram needs to turn into a business, it can’t just run for free for everyone without paying for the bills to keep it running. The service will be introducing very high quality photo and video ads from brands that you may not follow. However these brands they will pick themselves and will make sure the advertisements you see aren’t just spam. They want the ads to be enjoyable and creative.

If you don’t like an ad, you have the option of hiding it and providing feedback to why you don’t like it. This will inevitably help the community as a whole.

These ads will only be seen by US users first. No word on whether the rest of the world will see ads but it’s most likely going to happen.

There will of course be some backlash from users but that’s how business works. Unless of course everyone is willing to pay a monthly subscription fee which I highly doubt will happen.

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