Icebergs 2 Released - Awesome Web Clipping Service for Designers

Original: - Visual Organisation Service For Creative Minds

I'm a huge fan of Icebergs and reviewed it a few months back, it's one of the best tools any designer can have in his/her arsenal.

To recap, Icebergs is a private place in the cloud where you can clip things to from the web - such as images, videos, text, bookmarks, notes and even files. You can organise items you collect into different categories and use it as an inspiration board. You can also share those inspiration boards with people you work with - it's a great way to build research and to inspire yourself.

The team behind Icebergs has just released Icebergs 2 which is now available to anyone and everyone to use. A free account gives you 500MB to play around, but you can of course upgrade to the Pro plan which offers 2GB of space and costs $9.99 a month. There is a Teams plan too which gives you 10GB of storage and multiple accounts.

What makes Icebergs so quick and easy to use is the extension for Chrome. With a simple keyboard shortcut, you open a little box in the bottom left corner, you can drag anything into there and then just put it under a category. It's a lot quicker than anything else I've come across.

Icebergs 2