Adobe Has Been Hacked, 2.9 Million Customers Affected

If you’re a user of an Adobe program (and I’m sure most of you are), this is something you will definitely want to know.

Adobe has just stated via its blog that information relating to a whopping 2.9 million customers has been affected. The information comprised includes customer names, credit/debit card info, expiration dates and much more.

Most importantly, the credit and debit card info are encrypted but given enough time, any well versed hacker can decrypt the data and use that information however they like.

This an absolutely massive blow to Adobe, especially their reputation. With their major push to the cloud for their services which requires a monthly subscription, customers have of course trusted Adobe with very sensitive information. Now that the information is in the hands of a hacker, who knows what could happen.

Adobe is requiring certain users to now reset their passwords – you will get an email if you’re required to do so. But I would do it anyway if I were you.

They will be notifying users of which have had their credit and debit card information compromised. If you’ve given your card details to Adobe through their site, it’s now a good idea to keep an eye on your transactions.

Adobe will of course be investigating what happened, why it happened and how it happened. They have got federal law enforcements involved which will help their investigation.

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