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55-inch LG Curved OLED TV

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55-inch LG Curved OLED TV

Curved screens are the thing this year. More and more manufacturers are interested in flexible displays and innovative, distinctive designs. Smartwatches, mobile phones, tablets and now TV sets - new technology allows the engineers to go back to the drawing board and rethink their ideas. One of the latest and the most amazing devices with a curved screen is the LG Curved OLED TV. The TV set is equipped with incredible 55-inch OLED display at 1080p resolution. Thanks to OLED technology that passes electrical current through a biological substance that glows independently, the TV set delivers true blacks and natural color reproduction coated in a very well-designed and semi-transparent case that measures only 4,5 mm in thickness.

LG Curved OLED TV offers a variety of others state-of-art features, too. That includes a dual-core processor for image processing, eight speakers built in the TV and the base, webcam for Skype video calls, smart TV functionality, mobile phone compatibility and advanced 3D technology.

If you're willing to put down £8,000 for one, you can get it now.