Where’s My Water 2 Now Available for iOS For Free

Disney have released their sequel to the super popular ‘Where’s My Water?’ mobile game – Where’s My Water 2.

For those who haven’t played Where’s My Water, the aim of the game is to get water to Swampy, a crocodile. You have to get him enough water so you he can take a bath. But getting the water to him is where the issue lies, each level has a different way to get the water to Swampy and it gets tougher as you progress.

This sequel has over 100 new levels and many different types of levels too, with new tricks and new things getting in your way. There are also two new crocodiles that require two different liquids to have a bath.

The game is free on iOS. And there will be Android and Windows Phone versions coming very soon.

Where’s My Water has always been a personal favourite of mine and is a great time killer.

Where’s My Water for iOS

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