Truffol Minimalist Aluminium Bumper for iPhone 5


Truffol Minimalist Aluminium Bumper for iPhone 5

If you love your luxurious accessories, you will love the Truffol Aluminium bumper for the iPhone 5.

This gorgeous iPhone bumper is not like any other bumper made from flimsy plastic or rubber, this one is made from aluminium.


I was able to get my hands on one, the black one to be specific. The bumper is very cold to touch and oozes luxury and class. It has a beautiful brushed aluminium finish all the way around.

It's made from one block of aluminium so the finish is sublime, no creases and joints anywhere.

Instead of having corners that are as rounded as the iPhone, it is much sharper, giving a more rectangular look.


Around the back is a thin layer of aluminium that keeps the phone in the bumper and adds a lip, so the back isn't scratched when resting it on a desk. This thin layer of aluminium is also wrapped in rubber so it provides a bit of grip - it won't be sliding around everywhere.



Oddly the sleep/wake button is finished in a gold colour. I personally am not a fan of it, think it would have been much better looking if finished in black. The mute switch and volume buttons have their own buttons in the bumper that go over the iPhone buttons. They're perfectly aligned and give a very tactile feel when switching to mute or pressing the volume buttons.


The bottom has cutouts for the speaker, mic, lightning connector and headphone jack. With the way it is cut out some may find an issue docking their iPhone or using different headphones. But Truffol will include a headphone adapter with every case for full third party headphone support.


The Truffol Aluminium bumper is a gorgeous bumper that is well beyond any other bumper out there. It has a very classy and luxurious look and matches the finish you would expect from such a premium product.

Truffol Aluminium Bumper - $60