Spectacular Minimal Summer House In Stockholm


Spectacular Minimal Summer House In Stockholm

A well-appointed summer house built to comply with rigorous requirements in design and precision of execution.

Features state-of-the-art solutions that appear simple and uncluttered. Clean forms and clean lines are consistently pursued throughout.

This is a technology-intensive house, a piece of civilized life and order perched atop a rocky headland in the wilds of the Stockholm archipelago. 
Open space with high glass walls facing the sea.

In stark contrast is the entrance side of the house, comprising a dense, plastered wall in which the only opening is a ceiling-high pivot door, whose latticed surface lets the light seep through.

A few select quality materials are used consistently throughout the house. Light against dark, creating a stark graphic distinctness. Light materials include limestone from Gotland, silvery white ash wood, matte-white painted walls and ceilings. White lacquered steel elements in the interior. Contact between the interior and exterior is enhanced by disappearing walls of glass, leaving a seamless sweeping view spanning from stone floor to ceiling.

The exterior is dark with matte-black plaster, roofing felt, and powder-coated steel. We also landscaped the surrounding terrain, including an overflow pool set on the outer edge of the stone block, and have drawn up a suggestion for steps down to the bay and docking pier.

Minimal Summer House Black Wall

Minimal Summer House Infinity Pool & View

Minimal Summer House Glass Wall

Minimal Summer House Night View

Minimal Summer House Fireplace

Minimal Summer House Infinity Pool & Views

Minimal Summer House Interior

Minimal Summer House 2

Minimal Bathroom