Sony Announce New PS Vita – 20% Thinner & Better Battery Life

Sony have just announced an updated version of their portable gaming system, the PS Vita.

This new system is now 20% thinner than the previous generation, that also makes it 15% lighter. The system now measures a much nicer 15mm in thickness. The updates don’t stop there though, the display has been changed to an LCD panel, from an OLED. Even with all these changes, Sony says that you’ll now be able to get an extra hour of battery life out of the system, giving you a total of six hours of continuous gameplay.

It’s coming to Japan next month. Unfortunately there is no word on international availability yet.

The PS4 and PS Vita have been designed to work together in harmony. Sony have been pushing developers of PS4 games to support the PS Vita so that gamers can play games remotely. You can already control some parts of the PS4 with the PS Vita.

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