PS Vita TV


PS Vita TV

Sony have unexpectedly announced an all new product in their gaming and TV line-up - the Sony PS Vita TV.

This new machine takes on the likes of Apple TV in it's very small form factor and the ability to stream content to your TV in HD.

It doesn't just stream content, it can also play Playstation, PSP and PS Vita games. The best feature though is the ability for it to extend your PS4 wirelessly to any TV within range. So if you have the PS4 hooked up in the downstairs living room but want to play it upstairs in the bedroom, you can use the PS Vita TV to wirelessly stream everything from the PS4 to the TV upstairs. No need to pull wires out all the time and carry the PS4 back and forth.

The PS Vita TV was definitely an unexpected product by Sony, there were no major rumours about the product whatsoever. However it's a very good competitor to the likes of Apple TV and similar products.

It's going to be released in Japan in November. No international dates yet. It will cost 9,480 yen which is around $95 - a very affordable price. But then the Chromecast is much cheaper.