Photoshop Updated With New Generator Tool


Photoshop Updated With New Generator Tool

Today, Adobe has released a new updated for Photoshop with a new Generator tool, which dynamically exports assets from a project as individual image files.

The new version, 14.1, is free for all Creative Cloud subscribers and Generator is the only major new feature. Generator is an open source project, and Adobe have included two plugins to showcase its potential. One automatically exports images in the background to a specific directory, and the other works directly with Adobe Edge Reflow for easy responsive design.

The first plugin works once you assign a file type to a layer group. You also have the ability to specify the resolution of the scale and export. Now comes the cool bit: every time you edit the PSD file, Generator will automatically update your exports in the background, with no extra work.

The second Generator plugin is used to create an Edge Reflow project, creating assets of different resolutions that can be used on a variation of screen sizes.

If you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription, you'll miss out on this update, as it's exclusive to the current 500,000 subscribers. The subscription service was launched last year as an addition to Adobe's current products, and then became their only product this year.