Phonebloks – Completely Changing The Way Phones Are Made & Recycled | Concept

There’s new smartphone concepts popping up all the time. They usually have absolutely wacky designs and features which will most likely never happen. Most of them are also pretty impractical.

Phonebloks is a concept that is a bit crazy but at the same time solves quite a few problems with smartphones.

Smartphones aren’t the most recyclable products in the world. When one thing goes wrong in them, one feature gets old or a new must-have feature comes out, people just end up throwing their phones away. Even when things like the antennas and screen are perfectly fine. Phonebloks solves this problem by giving you actual blocks of features. So if you want a new camera, you simply upgrade the camera. If you want a bigger battery, you just upgrade the battery. You can make these upgrades while also keeping everything else the same.

This also saves a ton of waste because perfectly working screens, batteries, cameras and antennas aren’t just bring thrown away.

It’s an absolutely crazy idea but it might actually work.

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