Microsoft Buys Nokia Devices & Services for £4.6 Billion

Microsoft have just done what everyone has probably been waiting for, but never actually expected it to happen – they have bought the Nokia devices and services division.

The deal has come at a price of €5.4 billion (around £4.6 billion) and it means all the Nokia devices such as the Lumia line and their services such as maps will move over to Microsoft. That means we won’t see any major Nokia devices anymore – they’ll all be branded with the Microsoft logo.

Both Microsoft and Nokia have been struggling against the likes of Samsung and Apple when it comes to the tablet and smartphone market.

There were hopes of Nokia adopting Android which is the most popular mobile OS because they stated they were open to ideas. But this deal will now confirm that we may never see a Android powered Nokia device.

Hopefully with this acquisition by Microsoft it’ll bring both hardware and software under one house, which should equal a much tighter control of what devices end up on shelves. This is something Apple do and it has paid off for them.


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