iPhone 5S


iPhone 5S

As expected, Apple have announced an all new smartphone - the iPhone 5S.

This new iPhone keeps the same design as the previous generation iPhone 5 with minor external changes but a number of internal changes.

Inside there is now a new A7 chip that is produced by Apple. This new chip now has an all new 64-bit architecture - a first for any smartphone. But there is also another chip Apple are calling the 'M7'. The M7 chip is made solely handle all the motion sensors the device has - such as the accelerometer, gyroscope and such. The phone will now be able to tell if you're stationary, walking, running or driving.

There is a new camera round the back of the device that has a 15% larger sensor compared to the previous generation. It still has 8-megapixels but Apple are saying it has 1.5µ pixels. It has an aperture of f/2.2.

Video mode will now allow you to record at 120fps at a resolution of 720p which should make for some awesome slow motion videos.

A very unique feature added to the iPhone 5S is the fingerprint sensor that is placed in the home button. This will now give users, if they choose, an added layer of security. Instead of the putting a security code into the device to unlock it, it can just read your fingerprint, providing much quicker and easier access. This also works with passwords, so you won't have to keep entering your iTunes password to download new apps.

The fingerprint reader is something that has been done before in smartphones but it never really took off - Apple may change that.

Instead of the two black and white colours Apple usually produces, the iPhone 5 now comes in three colours - space grey, gold and silver.

The device will retail at £549/16GB, £629/32GB and £709/64GB. You can pre-order the device from the 13th of September and it'll start shipping on the 20th of September.

iPhone 5S