iPhone 5C - A Cheaper & More Colourful iPhone


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Apple today has announced two new iPhones, one of them being an all new model - the iPhone 5C and the other, the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5C is a more colourful and cheaper version of the standard iPhone 5S.

This new cheaper iPhone 5S now comes in very bright colours and the outer shell is made from one piece of polycarbonate.

The internals of the device are exactly the same as the previous generation iPhone 5. You get the same vivid 4-inch retina display, same camera and the same processor. So it definitely won't be lacking in terms of power.

It will be available in green, blue, yellow, red and white. The prices for the device are £469/16GB and £549/32GB. That comes in at nearly £100 cheaper than the iPhone 5S. It's definitely not meant to be a budget phone but it looks like the 5C might be the one that sells more than the 5S.

iPhone 5C