iOS 7 Tips, Tricks & Features You Should Know


iOS 7 Redesign - Completely Flat & Minimal

iOS 7 is now available for download on all the major iDevices. In fact so many people were trying to update their device that it left Apple's servers crippled for a short while, however everything is now back to normal.

With every new OS there are a bunch of new features and tricks available, however some are not too obvious. Here is a list of of some great iOS 7 tips and tricks.

Swipe down for search

Swiping to the left of your device used to give spotlight where you could search for anything on your device. This function has now been removed and has been replaced with a small gesture. From anywhere on the homescreen, you just swipe down to get access to search.

Swipe up for switches and toggles

Thankfully iOS has now caught up with Android when it comes to quick access to switches and toggles. You can swipe from the bottom edge of screen to get access to your toggles. With this new screen you can do things turn off WiFi, change brightness, play music and much more.

Put more apps into your folders

Before there was a limit on how many apps could be put into folders, now you can put a lot more apps into them.

Use Airdrop to transfer files between devices

Airdrop has been taken from OS X and put into iOS 7. This allows you to transfer files such as pictures wirelessly between devices. However the only devices supported are the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S.

Timestamps for messages

One very annoying thing about iOS was finding the timestamp for a message - it wouldn't show for every message. iOS 7 now can show you timestamps for messages, you just have to give a quick swipe over the message.

Block people from calls, messaging and Facetime

Why this was not included in previous versions of iOS is odd. But in iOS 7 you can now block people from calling, messaging and Facetiming you. There is now a new 'Blocked' option under the Settings for Messages, Phone and Facetime.

New multi-tasking view, flick up to close an app

iOS 7 now has a much neater multi-tasking view that shows not only the app icon, but the current state of the app. You can simply close an app by flicking it upwards.

Bubble level

iOS 7 now for some odd reason has a bubble level app - which may actually be useful for those who love their DIY. To get access to the bubble level you have to open the compass app, then swipe to the left.

Auto update apps

Instead of manually having to update your apps, iOS 7 now allows you to quickly update all of your apps automatically. This can be found in the settings for the App Store app.

These are only a few of the tricks and features in iOS 7, there are a ton more. If you know of any, please do list them in the comments below and I may add them to the post.