Google Release Web Designer Tool

Google have just released an all new tool out of the blue – like they usually do. They’re simply calling it Web Designer.

The Google Web Designer tool is an app for Windows and Mac that allows you to create websites visually – you do also get access to code of course.

I’ve just briefly used the app on my Mac and there is definitely a little bit of a learning curve. But it seems easy enough for the average user. You can actually use it to make fully fledged websites.

Oddly Google are marketing it as a product to help you make HTML5 ads that animate. But they may actually have a broader aim – to be a competitor to the very similar Adobe Edge Reflow, Macaw and WebFlow.

The future of web design and web development may be in products like this where design is at the forefront instead of the code.

Google Web Designer is free to download right now and is in BETA – as with many Google products. Now that Google are in this race, they may actually produce something fantastic.

Google Web Designer

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